Frequently Asked Questions

How does CYBERsitter BLACK differ with CYBERsitter for Windows?
CYBERsitter for Windows installs on the computer itself while CYBERsitter BLACK is s stand-alone network device. CYBERsitter is software that installs on the computer or computers you choose, and does deep inspection of all incoming and outgoing internet traffic for that particular machine. CYBERsitter BLACK blocks selected content categories for every device connected to your network whether wired to WiFi. It does not require any software installation.
How many devices can be used with CYBERsitter BLACK?
There isn't a specific limit. It would usually depend on the activity level of your various devices.

When we stress test these, we simulate 100+ very active clients operating at full speed for days. So a very safe estimate would be at least 100.

Normal devices don't operate anywhere near the level that we test at, so you can probably feel comfortable with many more connected devices.
Can this filter search engine results?
Yes it can! It will optionally force "Safe Mode" searches with popular search engines so that kids can't search for inappropriate topics or images.
Can it block "mature" YouTube videos?
Yes it can. YouTube has two special modes, "moderate" and "restricted". CYBERsitter BLACK allows you to optionally force either of these modes. So if you have small children or teens, you can define appropriate content for your family.
Can I use an all-in-one cable modem/phone/TV device from my cable company?
Usually, but you may need to contact your cable company to give you instructions on how to access the internal router functions.

If your internet service provider is AT&T, and you have one of their modem-router combination devices, you may have problems unless you are using a separate router. AT&T started rolling out firmware upgrades that disable customer access to configuration settings. It is hard to understand why they do this unless they want to ensure they can collect data on every site you visit.

In situations like this, you might want to consider our CYBERsitter BLACK - with router package. We will provide a top quality gigabit dual band WiFi router completely preconfigured and tested so all you need to do is plug it in. It is guaranteed to work with EVERY internet provider.

For more info, please visit this page:
Does this slow down internet access?
Not at all. In fact, it can actually speed it up. It caches previous results for a period of time so that the next time you access the same internet location, it will load faster.
Does this only work for browser connections?
No, it works for every connection. You may have all kinds of things running in the background that secretly access remote servers somewhere. CYBERsitter BLACK watches them all, and if something attempts to connect to a remote location it shouldn't, we don't allow the connection.
What types of devices work with CYBERsitter BLACK?
Pretty much whatever you have! The list is long but includes computers, laptops, iPhones and other smartphones, iPads and other tablets, game consoles, TiVo's and other DVR's, Amazon Echo and other voice assistants, smart TV's, webcams and security cameras, home automation systems — the list goes on and on.
Will this protect visitors who use my WiFi?
Absolutely. Any device that uses your WiFi or a hardwired connection to access the internet is automatically included under the CYBERsitter BLACK umbrella.

This makes it great for homes and offices, and locations that offer public WiFi access like waiting rooms, coffee shops, etc.
Can I use more than one BLACK on the same network?
Yes, in fact we recommend using two BLACKs in "mission critical" environments for redundancy and load balancing. That's just good network design.
Does the BLACK have parental controls?
CYBERsitter BLACK is best described as a "content firewall". While we provide blocklists and tools to ensure that kids cannot access inappropriate content, it should not be confused with complicated parental control devices. Our aim is to let our customers determine the kind of content they want to allow on their network and what they don't.

CYBERsitter BLACK is designed for everybody in your home, office or school, young and old. It offers numerous features that parental control devices do not. It does not spy on you, and it keeps others from spying on you too. It protects your privacy and blocks malicious material.There are no messy schedules or device setup options you need to configure. It just works.
Can you give us instructions for setting up our router?
Sure, we're happy to do that. When you place your order you can send us a separate support request using the form on this website. Tell us the router manufacturer and model and we'll send you step by step instructions so you will be prepared when your CYBERsitter BLACK arrives.
Do I still need an Anti-virus program?
We would never recommend using less protection. Your BLACK will give you a lot of additional protection, but it doesn't do device scans or some the things your current AV program may do.

CYBERsitter BLACK is designed to keep you from connecting to dangerous websites and servers in the first place, so viruses and malware never get past the front door.
Are blocklist filters really free?
Yes they are! We have been providing our lists to our CYBERsitter customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for over 25 years. Your BLACK will work best if everything is always current, so we don't want to force you to buy a subscription. We want it to always be doing the job you expect it to do. There are no extra charges, no subscriptions, and no other fees of any kind for as long as your use your BLACK.
How often are blocklists updated?
Blocklists are updated every single day. Not every blocklist will change daily, but some like the Malware block list change every time we update.

Your CYBERsitter BLACK will check every day and automatically update and install any blocklists that have changed from the previous day. You will always have the latest blocklists on your BLACK.
How fast will I receive a response if I need support?
We understand that when you have a problem, you need help quickly. When you purchase CYBERsitter BLACK you receive a card that tells you how to get help installing and operating your device. Hold onto that card in case you need to contact us. You can also use any "Contact Us" link on this site.