CYBERsitter BLACK - Features


A simple way to protect your all your devices!

After four years of research and development, CYBERsitter BLACK is ready to protect your home, business, or school network from undesirable and dangerous content. Our tiny appliance gives you loads of protection from the dangers and annoyances that you encounter online every day.
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Beautifully designed web based user interface gives you full control.

Main Features

CYBERsitter BLACK is completely configurable to suit your preferences. You have full control of what you want to see on the internet, and what you want to eliminate.
Block Advertising

Have you ever browsed the internet without having to see all the ads? Now you can. You will be amazed how much faster pages load and and how much easier it is to read things that interest you.

Smartphone and tablet users will especially appreciate pages loading up without constant reformatting as ads display.

Block Tracking

Your personal information, interests, and habits are an extremely valuable commodity! There are thousands of companies you've never heard of whose sole purpose is to collect information about you to sell to advertisers and others.

Tracking is done without your knowledge or consent, but your BLACK can stop it and help protect your privacy.

Block Malware

This is our most active category. There are all sorts of malicious sites out there working very hard to install some kind of malware or ransomware on your computer or other device.

This doesn't take the place of an anti-virus program, but those are designed to block malicious files as they enter your computer. We try to block them BEFORE they get that far.

Block Adult Content

Just like our classic edition of CYBERsitter for Windows, CYBERsitter BLACK includes an extensive blocklist of websites offering content that is not suitable for kids.

We have been providing lists to our customers continuously for over 22 years, and have developed proprietary in-house mechanisms for scouring the internet to find new sites and get them listed quickly.

Enforce "Safe-Search"

If you have kids, forcing search engines into safe-search mode is a particularly helpful feature. Search engines do not normally filter their results and this can lead to unexpected results being returned, even when the search is for some innocent term.

CYBERsitter BLACK can lock these into a safe-search mode so that search results and images are family friendly.

Age Appropriate Videos

If you have kids, you know that they can spend hours watching YouTube videos. Unfortunately, while YouTube keeps out x-rated material, many videos are not appropriate for all ages.

CYBERsitter BLACK gives you three levels of YouTube video restrictions, one for younger kids, one for teens, and an unrestricted mode for adults. It's your choice.

Block Suspicious Activity

We analyze thousands of sites a day and some are just plain suspicious. They may offer fraudulent items for sale or bogus downloads loaded with garbage. You may even have devices like cameras that "phone-home" for some mysterious reason. Anything we find that may be trying to spy on you or fraudulently separate you from your money gets blocked.

Maintains Privacy

Obviously, your BLACK will know everywhere you go on the internet. But it's good at keeping secrets!

Your current and historical activity data is stored on the BLACK itself and never leaves. You are the only one who can see it, so it can't be used or sold in any way. Your data is your data.

Your privacy is assured!

Save your Nickles and Dimes

CYBERsitter BLACK is a one time expense and there are no additional subscription fees — EVER.

Daily blocklist updates are automatic and free for as long as you use your BLACK.

We are tired of being nickel and dimed to death, and we think our customers are too.

System Requirements

CYBERsitter BLACK works with any existing WiFi or wired network with Internet access. It requires one open ethernet port on your router, switch or other device. You will need to make a simple change in your router settings, so you will need to know your router's password. A power supply and ethernet cable is provided. Whenever one of your computers or other devices connects to the internet, CYBERsitter BLACK examines the request and blocks it if it looks like trouble. Simple as that.

Technical Details

CYBERsitter BLACK is not just a cheap circuit board crammed in a plastic box. It is actually a full fledged mini-server with a 4 core 1.2 GHz CPU. It has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of high-speed storage. And, it is housed in a discretely labeled custom fabricated enclosure (2.5"x3.75"x1.25"). It's built-in OLED display shows the progress of the automated setup process and displays helpful information while operating. Each unit is hand assembled here at our US facility, flashed with the latest firmware and thoroughly tested by an expert technician before it is shipped to you.


CYBERsitter BLACK is priced at $159.00. This includes the BLACK device, power supply and ethernet cable to connect it to your router. It also includes FREE daily blocklist updates for as long as you use your BLACK. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year full replacement warranty on the hardware.