CYBERsitter BLACK - Features
CYBERsitter BLACK - Features

Finally, a simple way to protect your all your devices!

After four years of research and development, CYBERsitter BLACK is ready to protect your home, business, or school network from undesirable and dangerous content. Our tiny appliance gives you loads of protection from the dangers and annoyances that you encounter online every day.
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Beautifully designed web based user interface gives you full control.

Many devices, one solution

It wasn't that many years ago when we all had just one or two computers that had internet access. Filtering against the dangers was a much simpler matter. Things have changed. Everything connects to the internet these days, and you no longer have any control over what they do. Computers, iPads and other tablets, iPhones and other phones, game consoles, cameras, voice control devices, home automation systems, alarm systems — enough? CYBERsitter BLACK protects them all.

How it works

CYBERsitter BLACK plugs into a spare ethernet port on your router or anywhere on your network where you have a hardwired ethernet port available. You make one simple change to your router setup, and you're good to go. Whenever. your one of your computers or other devices connects to the internet, CYBERsitter BLACK examines the request and blocks it if it looks like trouble. Simple as that.

Beware of the Cloud

How many things are you signed up for that use the "Cloud"? Whether you realize it or not, your online behavior patterns are sent to the cloud and personally identifiable data about you is sold to advertisers, marketers and others. Other Internet filtering and content management products keep your preferences and activity logs in the cloud and advertise this as a "feature". It is actually a money maker and you are sacrificing your privacy.

CYBERsitter BLACK keeps all your activity data private right on the device. No one will know what websites you visit but you. Additionally, it helps prevent others from tracking your activities by installing trackers when you visit websites.

Full Featured

Beautiful Web Interface

You can log into your CYBERsitter BLACK anytime you want to make changes or just to take a look. Full log files are maintained and are incredibly easy to search. You can override accidental blocks by whitelisting, or blacklist your own items. You can even look at activity from each individual device and easily see it's historical activity on beautifully rendered graphs and charts.

Accurate Blocklists

You can select from several blocklists that cover various categories like malware and hacking, personal racking, advertising, and adult oriented content. Our lists are expertly curated by our staff that has more experience at this than anyone on the planet. We have been providing them to CYBERsitter for Windows customers for 23 years, so we got this!

No Subscriptions Required

CYBERsitter BLACK is a one time expense. You buy it and you own it. CYBERsitter BLACK will automatically download the latest blocklists every single day for as long as you use it.

We are tired of being nickel and dimed to death, and we think our customers are too.

System Requirements

CYBERsitter BLACK works with any existing WiFi or wired network with Internet access. It requires one open ethernet port on your router, switch or other device. You will need to make a simple change in your router settings, so you will need to know your router's password. A power supply and ethernet cable is provided.

Technical Details

CYBERsitter BLACK is not just a cheap circuit board crammed in a plastic box. It is actually a full fledged micro-computer with a 4 core 1.2 GHz CPU. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of high-speed storage. And, it is housed in a discretely labeled premium aluminum alloy anodized enclosure. Each unit is hand assembled here at our US office, flashed with the latest firmware and thoroughly tested by an expert technician before it is shipped to you.


CYBERsitter BLACK is priced at $149.95. This includes the BLACK device, power supply and ethernet cable to connect it to your router. It also includes FREE daily blocklist updates for as long as you use your BLACK. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year full replacement warranty on the hardware.

Make your Internet a safer place today!

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