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Please review the common questions below to see if one of them answers your question.
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Common Questions and Issues

Something was blocked that shouldn't be. How do I fix it?
We call these "False Positives". Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes. You have a couple of options here.

You can whitelist it. You will need to examine your Query Log by selecting it from the left hand sidebar. Find the domain that was blocked and click on the Whitelist button. It may take a few minutes for the whitelist to take affect because the block is cached both on the BLACK and on your computer.

Whitelisting can be hard to do sometimes. Especially if they are blocked by the advertising or tracking lists. The domain names they use are confusing.

We much prefer that you report the site to us so we can make the appropriate changes to our lists so that you, and others will all benefit from the increased accuracy.

Where are the setup instructions?
We include a little card in each box with the address for setup instructions.

For setup instructions for the CYBERsitter BLACK v2 (newest) click here.

For setup instructions for the CYBERsitter BLACK v1 (older) click here.
I forgot my password.
We can't reset your password. Only you can. When you set up your CYBERsitter BLACK, the instructions explained where to look for advanced options with some specially coded links. One of those allow you to reset your password. Hopefully you saved those links.

If you didn't change your password, you should have, but the default password is black
How do I find my BLACK on my network?
Most devices on your network have host names (hostname). That allows you to find a computer or device without knowing it's IP address.

CYBERsitter BLACK uses a default hostname of cs-black.

Is access your black, open your browser and in the address bar in your browser, enter cs-black.local
How do I change my BLACK's hostname?
Log into your BLACK and select Advanced from the left sidebar menu. Instructions can be found there.
How do I change my BLACK's IP address?
Log into your BLACK and select Advanced from the left sidebar menu. Instructions can be found there.
Do I need to update the blocklists every day?
No, CYBERsitter BLACK will update your lists automatically in the early morning hours every day. Nothing is required of you.
Do I need to set up an additional BLACK for redundancy?
The hardware we use for CYBERsitter BLACK is very reliable. We pay a lot more than we could get away with to provide an extremely dependable unit.

However if you are using CYBERsitter BLACK in a more "mission-critical" environment like a business or school, it is probably a good idea to add a second BLACK in case of a failure of the primary unit.
How do I set up an additional BLACK?
If you want to add an additional BLACK on your network, you will want to make sure they have unique hostnames. So, before you plug in an additional unit, you should change the hostname on the primary unit,

Log into your BLACK and select Advanced from the left sidebar menu. Follow the instructions for changing the hostname. You might want to set it to something like cs-black-a

Restart your primary unit and verify you can access it using the new host name by typing new-hostname.local in your browser's address bar.

Go ahead and install the additional BLACK just like you did for the first one. You may want to change the hostname on the additional BLACK to match your naming convention, for example: cs-black-a.

Be sure to add the IP address of your additional BLACK to your router's DNS settings in the secondary position.
My BLACK has an IP address conflict with another device on my network.
The first time a CYBERsitter BLACK boots up, it scans your network and locks it's address to the lowest available address it finds. This is known as a static address.

If you find it conflicts with another device, then the other device was not connected and turned on when the BLACK was installed. You can either change the IP address of the other device, or change the IP address of the BLACK.

If possible, change the conflicting device so you don't have to change your router settings. However, if you need to change the BLACK's IP address, log into your BLACK and select Advanced from the left sidebar menu. Follow the instructions for changing it's IP address. Remember that your router settings need to be changed to reflect the new BLACK address.
How do I reboot my BLACK?
The preferred method is to log in to your BLACK, select Settings from the left sidebar menu, then click on the Restart System button at the bottom of the main panel.

Alternatively, you can unplug it and plug it back in although you should try to avoid hard shutdowns like this if at all possible.
Should (or can) I turn off my BLACK at night?
No, don't turn it off. It should be on all the time. The BLACK, as well as many of your devices do online updates and other maintenance in the middle of the night and turning off your BLACK will also turn off the Internet.

The BLACK draws very little power, especially at idle.
Help! My internet is down.
This happens to everyone and it can be any number of things and probably not related to the CYBERsitter BLACK. Here are the steps, in the correct order, that we recommend to begin troubleshooting you hardware.

Always check another computer or other device to make sure your internet is down system wide. If it is, then follow the steps below in the exact order listed.

  1. Restart your modem.
  2. Restart your router.
  3. Restart your CYBERsitter BLACK.

If you still have connectivity issues, you may want to contact your provider to make sure that there are no reported outages in your area.
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