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CYBERsitter BLACK for Networks

Do you own any of these network devices?

Computers • Laptops • Tablets • Smartphones • Gaming Systems • Toys • Smart TVs • Cable TV Box • TiVo • Video Streaming Device • DVD player • Alarm System • Door Locks • Ring Doorbell • Baby Monitor • Surveillance Cameras • Amazon Echos • Google Assistants • Watches/Clocks • Internet Radio • Sonos or Other Speaker System • Blood Pressure Monitor • Plus many more…

All of these devices "phone home" and send data about you and what you do online.

One small device protects you from all these devices and more!

A tiny black box, less than 3 inches square, CYBERsitter BLACK v3 is an unbelievably powerful tool that will eliminate unwanted content and keep your entire network safe from trackers, hackers and fraudsters.

Works With ALL WiFi and Wired Devices on ALL Networks