CYBERsitter BLACK - Welcome Page

Welcome - and thanks for purchasing CYBERsitter BLACK!

We hope to make your installation experience fast and easy. We have already done the hard stuff. The CYBERsitter BLACK device is 100% self configuring and it automatically detects your timezone, sets the time and date, and configures it's settings to the most common ones. Once you plug it in, it will join your network automatically. So let's get started.

The setup process for CYBERsitter BLACK "version 2" is much improved over the original. The addition of an OLED display, allows you to monitor the process throughout the setup. When it is complete, it will display it's IP address and allow you to proceed directly to the router configuration with all the information you need.

Note: If you need setup instructions for the original version of the CYBERsitter BLACK (without the built in OLED display), click here.

Connect your BLACK to your network

The CYBERsitter BLACK device needs to be connected you your network directly. WiFi would be too slow, and we want your experience to be a good one.

Your router should have a few ethernet ports on it, and the BLACK can plug into any one of these. Alternatively, if you have a switch or ethernet port available somewhere else, you can use that too. CYBERsitter BLACK doesn't care. It just needs to plug in somewhere on your network.

We have provided everything you need. All you need to do is plug things in.

Make sure you connect the network cable from the BLACK to your router BEFORE you plug in the power cable.

  1. First plug in the ethernet cable to your router and to the BLACK. The ethernet cable is the one with the clear plastic plugs on each end.
  2. Then plug in the power supply and connect it to the BLACK.

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The first time the BLACK runs, it will do some internal configuration. You'll see the red light in the front of the device blinking.

Give it a couple of minutes before proceeding.

Setup Process

The setup process for the BLACK device is now completely automated. Depending on your internet connection speed, it should take anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes to complete. During the process, it will negotiate with your router to select it's permanent address, perform some connectivity tests, and update it's blocklists to the most recent version. It will reboot itself once during the process. You can watch the display for progress messages. It is IMPORTANT to let it just do it's thing, so be patient while it works.

When the configuration process is complete, you will see the message "CS-BLACK ACTIVE".

When your BLACK is in the ACTIVE state, the display will alternate between 2 screens every 5 seconds or so.

Screen 1 will display:


At the bottom of this screen, it will display the web address for accessing the BLACK with your browser which is usually cs-black.local/admin. Remember, when typing that into your browser, you must add http:// at the beginning, for example: http://cs-black.local/admin

It will also display the date and time of your last blocklist update. This time will always be displayed using UTC (universal) time.

Screen 2 will display:

IP ADDRESS: ( will be the BLACK's actual IP address. Write this down as you will need this for the last step.

At the bottom of the screen, it will display 2 more informational lines.

GW: (The IP address of your gateway or router)
MAC: xx xx xx xx xx xx (The BLACK's MAC address identifier)

Note: If the BLACK encounters any error conditions during setup, it will display the error and tell you what to do. As long as you are plugged into your router and your router can access the internet, everything should be very smooth and simple.

Your BLACK device is setup and ready for the last step.

Access your Router

To complete installation you will need to make a minor change to your router. Some people refer to this as your "WiFi". You probably haven't done this since you set it up and many (most) people forget how to do this. So let's make sure you can access your router before you start setting up your BLACK.

You may already know how to access your router, but in case you don't, the best way to complete this step is to find your original manual and simply follow the steps that they provide. If you are able to access your router okay, you can skip the rest of this section. If you need help, read on.

First, you need the router address. This is an IP address that looks something like this: The BLACK also will display this for you. See the above step. "GW" will always be your router address as explained above. Please write this down if necessary.

Let's say your router address is

You would enter the following in your browser's address bar to access your router:

If you are able to access the router, you will need to log in. You'll need you user name and password. User names are almost always admin unless you added a user at some point. If you didn't change your password, many manufacturers use admin or password as the default password. One way or another, you need to log in, so you will need the user name and password. If you received your router from your telephone or cable company, look on the documentation or box you received from them. You can also call their technical support line.

Router Settings

Okay, we're almost done. We are going to look in your router settings for the acronym, DNS servers. This stands for Domain Name Service. DNS is like the telephone book for the internet. We are going to change your DNS to use the CYBERsitter BLACK instead.

You will have settings for your DNS servers in at least one location, and maybe two. Typically, your DNS settings will be located in your network or DHCP settings area of your router configuration. You will probably have two DNS server entries, each set to a different IP address. You should write these down and save them in case you ever want to return your router to it's original settings.

Delete the existing settings for each DNS server entry. In the first entry, enter the CYBERsitter BLACK address you wrote down earlier. Leave the other setting(s) blank. Click Apply or Save Changes, whichever is applicable.

You should also check your Wireless or WiFI settings as well, because some routers allow different settings for wireless devices. In each case, you will want to change your DNS servers as detailed above.

When you are all done, click Apply or Save Changes and check your settings to make sure they all updated properly.

Let's test it out. Reboot your computer to make sure it picks up the new settings. Then open your browser and put the following into the address bar:

It should display a test page that is located on one of our servers. It will tell you what was tested and let you know that your BLACK is functioning properly.

We understand that this is the hardest part of the setup, but it only needs to be done once, and we're here to help if you have problems. If you are having difficulty finding your router settings, click on the Request Help button below. Provide your router manufacturer and model number and send us a message letting us know where you are having problems. There are a lot of different types of routers out there, but we'll find the the information for you and send you back customized instructions.

Please allow a couple of hours for us to get back to you. We may need to do a little research to get the information you need. The process is really very simple, but can appear complicated to users with little or no experience changing router settings.

Log in to your BLACK

You should be all set up and ready to go. But before you finish, we recommend that you log in to your CYBERsitter BLACK. It is helpful if you do this from a desktop or laptop computer. A tablet is okay, but we don't recommend doing this on a smartphone, at least for this part of the process.

From your computer, copy and paste the link below in your browser's address bar and press enter. The CYBERsitter BLACK web page should display.


From the sidebar, click on Login. The default password is black, all lowercase. Enter the password, and click on Login.. This should open up the entire site.

Selecting Your Blocklists

Now, all you need to do is tell CYBERsitter BLACK what to block. Log in to your black again, and choose Settings from the left hand sidebar. On the Settings page, select Block Lists tab at the top of the main section.

CYBERsitter BLACK ships with 8 default lists. You can select any or all of these lists and your BLACK will deny access to anything in that category. These are the categories included.

adult.list This list is obvious. It blocks adult oriented websites.

malware.list This list blocks internet addresses containing malicious material and helps keep you safe from viruses, ransomware, and many other types of malware.

advertising.list Are you tired of ads everywhere you go on the internet? Well, this list is going to change the way you see the web. It blocks about 90% of the advertising you normally encounter, even ads embedded in many videos. As a bonus, it also stops advertisers from collecting data about you.

gambling.list This list blocks websites offering gambling and wagering games or services.

tracking.list Wherever you go in the internet, numerous people are tracking you. They know your hobbies, the food you like, your religious and political affiliations, and who your friends are. This list stops that and lets you maintain your privacy.

proxies.list Kids and hackers use internet proxies to bypass restrictions, and hide their tracks so they can anonymously go places on the internet. If this is a concern, you can select this list.

suspicious.list This list blocks scam, phishing, and other questionable or unethical websites.

gaming.list This list blocks websites online gaming and game support sites.

drugs.list This list blocks websites promoting use of dangerous or illicit drugs.

fraud.list This list blocks websites known for engaging in fraudulent practices.

Select the lists you want to use, and click on the Save and Update button on the lower right. CYBERsitter BLACK will update the latest lists and create your master blocklist.

Advanced Special Links

CYBERsitter BLACK supplies several special links that you can copy and paste into your browser to perform various tasks. These are secret, unique links that are different on every CYBERsitter BLACK. These are provided because sometimes you may want to change your BLACK's status on the fly and not want to log in and navigate the menus.

To access these special links, click on the Advanced item in the left hand sidebar. If you have kids on your network, pay particular attention to the links that allow you to force search engines into "Safe Mode" so that search results and images are age appropriate.

Also provided is an easy way to change your CYBERsitter BLACK password, even if you have forgotten what the original one was.

We recommend that you create bookmarks on your personal smartphone to tablet so that you have easy access to these functions, but can also keep access to them secure.